Case Study: SEO for Residential Property Management in Denver & Colorado Springs

The Challenge

Our client, a residential property management company, was operating in the highly competitive Denver market, which has a big search volume for relevant property management keywords. They were already ranking in the top 5 for Denver keywords, but we aimed to get them into the top three where the majority of the clicks are made, as backed by this study. The client also wanted to break into the Colorado Springs market, which was also competitive with high search volume. However, they were way back on the 6th page where no one is looking.

Keyword search volume straight from google

Our Strategy

We focused on two main steps: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO: We checked the content for uniqueness and relevance, properly set up tags (title, description, H1, H2, H3, ALT, etc), and set up tools for rank tracking, conversions, and visitor tracking (Google Analytics).

Off-Page SEO: Our main focus was leveraging our proprietary property management SEO tools to rank the client's website. We also used traditional methods to diversify the backlink profile. We acquired hundreds of expired and auction domains that have trust and authority. These domains were relevant, about property management or the area the client is in. These links are very powerful.

The Results

After 5 months, all keywords were in the top 3. Starting in March, their monthly traffic was 5,516 sessions. By August, their traffic had increased to 7,575 sessions, a 37.32% increase in site traffic.

In terms of conversions, March saw 81 conversions at a 0.54% conversion rate. By August, there were 477 conversions at a 2.72% conversion rate. Not only did the number of leads increase, but the rate at which their site converts also improved. This suggests the SEO traffic was higher quality than previous traffic sources.


This case study demonstrates the power of targeted SEO strategies in improving both the quantity and quality of website traffic, leading to increased conversions and business growth. Even in highly competitive markets with high search volumes, strategic SEO can lead to significant improvements. At Surf Results Marketing, we specialize in SEO for property management companies, and we're ready to help you achieve similar results.