2023 Guide to the Best Websites for Managers

In the ever-evolving landscape of 2023, managers face new challenges and opportunities. To thrive, it is essential to stay informed about the latest trends, tools, and best practices. In this guide, we will explore the top 10 websites for managers, essential tools, key skills, and online communities that every manager should be aware of. Let’s embark on this journey to become the best manager you can be.

Short Summary

  • This article provides a list of the top 10 managerial websites for 2023, offering resources and insights on topics such as leadership strategies, innovation, and property management.

  • Managers in 2023 should possess key skills such as emotional intelligence (EI), adaptability & data-driven decision making to remain effective in their roles.

  • Online communities like Reddit’s r/management & LinkedIn Groups offer valuable resources & connections for managers to improve their skills.

Top 10 Managerial Websites for 2023

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Staying updated with the latest management trends and best practices is crucial for managers in 2023. The rapidly changing landscape of the business world demands that managers remain informed and adaptable. To help you stay ahead, we have compiled a list of the top 10 managerial websites that offer valuable insights and resources for managers across different industries.

These websites cover a wide range of topics, from leadership strategies and innovation to property management and marketing. By following these websites, you can ensure that you stay up to date with the latest trends and gain valuable insights from professionals in the field.

Some of these websites also offer property management services, making them great resources for property managers looking to improve their business operations.

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review is a highly respected publication that offers comprehensive insights and advice on strategy, innovation, and leadership from distinguished business and management experts. By subscribing to HBR, managers can stay informed about the latest developments in their field and gain valuable insights from professionals.

With a basic subscription priced at $19.95 per month, and an annual subscription at $199.95, HBR is a wise investment for managers looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Forbes Leadership

Forbes Leadership is a dedicated section of Forbes that provides news and analysis on leadership topics in the business world. Covering areas such as leadership strategies, corporate governance, and executive compensation, Forbes Leadership is an excellent resource for managers seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge.

By following this section, you can stay informed about the latest leadership trends and best practices, helping you make well-informed decisions in your management role.

Fast Company

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Fast Company is a progressive business media brand that focuses on innovation in technology, leadership, and design. Published monthly, both in print and online formats, Fast Company covers a wide range of topics to help managers stay ahead in their respective fields.

From stock photos to new site designs, Fast Company offers valuable insights and inspiration for managers looking to stay updated and innovate in their organizations.


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Inc. is a popular business magazine that offers valuable insights and resources for managers and entrepreneurs. Covering a wide range of topics, from property listings and property owners to listing rental properties and lease agreements, Inc. is an excellent resource for managers looking to improve their property management business.

Inc. also features articles on tenants, other property management companies, rental income, and rental properties, making it a comprehensive source of information for managers in the property management industry.

Manager Tools

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Manager Tools is a podcast and consulting firm that offers practical advice to help managers optimize their performance. Their expertise includes One On Ones, Feedback, Coaching, and Delegation. With a focus on management website design, Manager Tools also provides valuable insights on how to submit maintenance requests, manage tenants, and offer property management services.

Following Managers: Tools can help you create a great property management website and improve your overall management skills.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that offers thousands of industry-leading courses on business, tech, and creative skills. Upon course completion, certificates can be shared via LinkedIn profile for recognition, making it an excellent resource for professional development.

With courses spanning various sectors, LinkedIn Learning provides managers with the opportunity to acquire new skills, stay updated with industry trends, and grow their professional network.

Project Management Institute

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The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a not-for-profit professional organization that provides global advocacy, networking, collaboration, research, and education in the field of project management. With a focus on management website design and professional property management services, PMI offers access to a global network of experts, resources, and tools to help project managers stay updated on the latest trends and best practices.

PMI also provides certifications and training programs to help project managers advance in their careers.


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MindTools is a website that offers over 2500 resources, including articles, expert interviews, book insights, infographics, videos, workbooks, and more, to help managers develop personal and career skills. With a focus on management website design and all-in-one solutions, MindTools provides managers with the heavy lifting needed to improve their skills and stay ahead in their field.

From search engines to marketing strategy and maintenance fees, MindTools offers a wide range of resources for managers looking to create a great property management website.

The Balance Careers

The Balance Careers is an online resource that provides comprehensive guidance on job searching, resume writing, and career planning. Aimed at helping individuals in their pursuit of professional development, The Balance Careers offers expert advice and resources for managers looking to advance their careers.

By following this platform, managers can stay informed about the latest industry trends and best practices, and gain valuable insights from experienced professionals.

Essential Tools for Managers

In 2023, managers need to equip themselves with essential tools to stay efficient and competitive. These tools can streamline various aspects of management, including project management, communication, and time management. By leveraging these tools, managers can improve their productivity, optimize their workflow, and make better-informed decisions.

Project management software, communication platforms, and time management apps are some of the most crucial tools for managers. These tools can help property management companies establish and maintain a strong online presence, while also providing a wide range of services, such as tenant management, rent collection, and maintenance requests, to their clients.

Project Management Software

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Project management software is an indispensable tool for managers, as it helps optimize time utilization by organizing, scheduling, and allocating resources to achieve desired outcomes. Offering features such as task management, scheduling, and resource allocation, project management software can improve project efficacy, cut costs, and enhance communication and collaboration among team members.

By leveraging project management software, managers can ensure that their projects are completed in a timely manner and within budget.

Communication Platforms

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Communication platforms are digital tools that enable real-time communication capabilities, such as instant messaging, voice and video calling, file transfers, and screen sharing. These platforms are essential for managers, as they facilitate secure employee messaging and help establish a seamless digital communication platform with customers.

Examples of communication platforms include social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Skype, and collaboration and productivity software like Dropbox, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365.

Time Management Apps

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Time management apps are software tools designed to help users optimize their time utilization. Features such as scheduling, task lists, reminders, and productivity tracking are often included in these apps. By leveraging time management apps, managers can stay organized, prioritize tasks, and ensure that they are using their time effectively.

Some of the most widely used time management apps include Todoist, Forest, Serene, Loop Habit Tracker, and Focus To-Do.

Key Skills for Managers in 2023

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In 2023, managers need to possess a comprehensive set of skills to succeed in their roles. These skills include relationship building, agility and adaptability, innovation and creativity, employee motivation, decision-making, conflict management, negotiation, communication, empathy, emotional support, and delegation. By honing these skills, managers can stay competitive and remain effective in the rapidly changing work environment.

Apart from these core skills, managers should also prioritize personal wellbeing, productivity, empowerment, inclusive leadership, and possess problem-solving, decision making, and technology expertise. These skills not only make managers more effective in their roles, but also help them adapt to the changing demands of their industry.

Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to perceive, interpret, demonstrate, control, evaluate, and utilize emotions. It encompasses abilities such as empathy, self-awareness, and social skills. EI is divided into four core abilities: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

Managers with high emotional intelligence can better understand their own emotions and the emotions of their team members, leading to more effective communication, collaboration, and decision-making.


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Adaptability is a crucial soft skill that entails being flexible and capable of adjusting to changing circumstances. In a constantly evolving work environment, adaptability is essential for managers, as it enables them to respond swiftly and efficiently to changes in the workplace.

Being adaptable helps managers stay ahead of the competition and maintain their competitive edge in their industry. It also facilitates them in being more imaginative and inventive in their solutions to problems.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Data-driven decision making is the process of utilizing facts, metrics, and data to guide strategic business decisions that align with established goals and objectives. It involves utilizing data analysis to recognize patterns and make informed decisions.

Data-driven decision making can assist managers in making better decisions, decreasing costs, and augmenting efficiency. It can also aid managers in recognizing trends and possibilities, and making decisions that are better informed and precise.

Online Communities for Managers

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Online communities for managers are platforms that provide an opportunity for managers to connect with other professionals, exchange experiences, and gain knowledge from each other. These communities offer valuable insights and resources, helping managers stay informed and updated with the latest trends in management and property management.

Participating in online communities can help managers grow their professional network, enhance their knowledge, and stay connected with like-minded professionals. Some of the most popular online communities for managers include Reddit’s r/management, LinkedIn Groups, and Quora.

Reddit’s r/management

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Reddit’s r/management is a subreddit focused on management and leadership topics, such as lean thinking, Deming, innovation, customer focus, six sigma, continual improvement, and agile. By participating in this subreddit, managers can stay informed about the latest management topics, interact with other managers, and access valuable resources to aid them in their responsibilities.

Reddit’s r/management is an excellent online community for managers looking to stay updated and learn from their peers. It provides a platform for managers to share their experiences, ask questions, and gain insight from other professionals in the field. Additionally, the subreddit offers a variety of resources, such as articles, videos, and podcasts, to help managers stay informed and up-to-date on the topic.

LinkedIn Groups

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LinkedIn Groups are virtual spaces where professionals with similar interests or professions can exchange insights and experiences, seek advice, and build relationships. These groups provide an opportunity for managers to network with other professionals, gain industry-specific knowledge, and stay informed about the latest trends and developments in their field.

By joining and participating in LinkedIn Groups, managers can enhance their professional network, gain valuable insights, and stay connected with like-minded professionals.


Quora is an online platform that facilitates the sharing of knowledge by allowing users to ask and answer questions on a variety of topics. By participating in Quora, managers can disseminate their knowledge and expertise, connect with experts in their field, and acquire answers to their questions promptly.

Quora can also be utilized to explore topics and locate reliable sources of information. By engaging in this online community, managers can stay informed about the latest developments in their field and learn from the experiences of others.


In conclusion, staying informed and updated with the latest trends, tools, and best practices is essential for managers in 2023. By following the top 10 managerial websites, utilizing essential management tools, honing key skills, and participating in online communities, managers can stay competitive and excel in their roles. As the business landscape continues to evolve, managers must adapt and grow to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Embrace the journey, and become the best manager you can be.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a website management company do?

A website management company works to ensure that all aspects of a website are managed efficiently and effectively. This can include managing blog posts, guest articles, images, reviews, videos, webpages and ensuring content is updated regularly.

Additionally, website managers may assist with creating new content or auditing existing content for improvement.

Who manages a company’s website?

The individual responsible for managing a company’s website is typically the webmaster. They manage the technical aspects of the website, ensuring that content is up-to-date, optimized for search engines and of high quality.

The webmaster may also be responsible for responding to customer inquiries and troubleshooting any technical issues that arise.

Do you need a website manager?

Yes, you do need a website manager to help maintain your website and its performance. A website manager is key for keeping your website functioning smoothly and helping it reach its full potential.

How much does property management cost in Maryland?

In Maryland, property management costs can range from 8-10% of the monthly rent depending on the number of units under management and the rental rate for each unit. On average, property management companies charge around 10% of the monthly rental income as their main fee.