7 Ways to Increase Your Property Management Client List

Property Management worker shaking hands with customer after contract signature
Property Management worker shaking hands with customer after contract signature

Imagine opening your laptop each day to find new inquiries for your property management services. Instead of chasing clients, customers could bring their business to you.

What would that do for your business? Where could you invest the money you would save on client acquisition? For most companies, this is a pivotal moment. 

The ability to target customers with laser focus takes away the guesswork. You have more time to concentrate on what you do best – providing an outstanding service for your customers. 

The best way to achieve these results is by using online marketing. However, many companies invest time and money, only to fail and become discouraged. 

Online marketing is an industry in its own right. Thinking you can buy Google or Facebook ads and attract customers is unrealistic. In a constantly changing industry, you need to be aware of the best practices to be successful.

Let’s dive in and find out how to get clients to come to you.

1. Improve Your Website Experience

Many companies have a property management website that is at least several years old. It may have been modern at the time, but the internet moves quickly. 

You need to ensure your website is responsive and easy to navigate. People looking at properties are attracted by images. If you only have one or two lower-quality pictures, customers will go elsewhere.

It is difficult to capture client’s attention, so you need to give them a reason to stay on your site. Make sure your copy is informative and engaging. If you wouldn’t stay on your website, then potential clients won’t either.

2. Build Your Online Presence

Potential customers are not going to stumble upon your site. You need to have a social media strategy that drives them to your website pages.

You can also use these media platforms to easily connect with local businesses and homeowners. 

Social media allows you to promote your rental property management services directly to people who are searching for that skill.

By building a following, you can also create a directory of people who can spread your message to their friends and family.

3. Create an Email List

When determining how to get clients for a property management company, many businesses overlook one of the simplest methods. People who opt-in to receive your emails are already interested in your services.

It’s important not to send too many emails as this comes across as spam. You can damage your reputation and lose potential customers. However, if you send informative emails without trying to sell, people will trust your company.

This technique can be highly effective if property management companies carry it out in the right way.

4. Focus on SEO

Many property management companies write content they think will benefit their clients but see few results. This can be discouraging, and the writer may think their articles are not interesting.

But this is usually not the case. Most people who are not involved in online marketing don’t understand the power of search engine optimization (SEO). It’s essential to know how to do keyword research.

This process tells you precisely what terms people are searching for when they need property management services. Once you know the terms, you can include these words and phrases in your blog posts. 

You also need to know how to include these words in titles and paragraphs to help the search engines find them. This is an intensive process that requires constant evaluation. 

You may find you need to tweak your keywords in your articles to get the best results. It’s also vital to provide regular fresh content for your website to move higher up the search engine rankings.

Because this is a complex process, it’s often best to work with an expert firm to perform these tasks for you. A reputable company provides you with regular reports to clearly show your return on investment (ROI).

SEO is possibly the most critical aspect for any business looking to attract new customers.

5. Consider Paid Advertising 

Your current property management software is a goldmine of information. It can tell you how many people are using your services in specific areas. You can view how often people stay in one place before moving location.

Experts can use this data to create a highly-targeted paid advertising strategy. Your ads will appear in front of your chosen demographic. If someone clicks on your site, you can retarget them with follow-up ads. 

Many businesses pour money into online advertising but see little return. However, done correctly, you could see a dramatic increase in profitability.

6. Get on a Podcast

You don’t have to focus on getting new business from scratch. There are podcasts for just about every industry, and they have loyal followings. You could offer an interviewer an hour of your time to give them valuable content.

In return, you get to talk with them about the local market and how you can help their listeners. This method is a fantastic way to gain a new audience without investing in advertising. 

You could even go on a YouTube channel. The more platforms you can appear on with people who already have loyal followings, the better. They’ll appreciate you giving up your time, and you can win plenty of new business.

7. Keep Property Management Personal

Modern advertising isn’t only about flashy media campaigns. Clients increasingly appreciate the personal touch. This is how smaller companies can compete with national corporations. 

Customer service is key, and you can promote your business based on shared values. Be responsive to queries and engage in online communities. Your clients want to know you care and will be there when you need them.

By ensuring your online advertising displays these values, you can become a property management leader in your community.

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