How an SEO Company Can Turn on Voice Search Optimization & Maximize Leads

turn on voice search

When you want to make the most of your marketing, you can’t go wrong with voice search technology. 

Whether you’re talking to Alexa, Siri or any other voice artificial intelligence (AI), this is becoming part of normal life for most of us. When you make the switch to voice optimization, your company will see significant results. 

Read on so you can turn on voice search and reap the benefits that come with the territory. 

Why You Need to Turn on Voice Search ASAP

For best results, voice search is something you should begin making the switch to now — not something that you should table for future development. Here’s why the matter is so important:

1. It Improves Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Since voice search is how several people find answers to things today, embracing this technology means that you will get better search engine optimization (SEO) results.

When you can optimize for not just Google, but retail sites like Amazon, social media like YouTube, and several music streaming services, you will broaden your reach into the web and make it easier for people to find you. However, this only happens when your voice search technology is implemented effectively. 

2. Voice Search Will Soon Account For a Large Part of the Internet

It’s important to realize that the writing is on the wall for where the internet is headed. Soon, most searches will involve voice technology. 

Industries like home automation and home security are leading the charge of the technology’s growth. Home automation accounts for close to 50 percent of the growth, while security accounts for close to 20 percent. 

Expect Google Home, Amazon Echo, Siri, Microsoft Cortana and other technologies to continue to grow in market share over the next several years. 

Seeing these trends means that you should do everything in your power to make the switch. 

3. You’ll Get More Conversions and Make it Easy For Your Customer

Connecting to your customers to convert business is the name of the game. By implementing voice search, you go beyond the convenience of search engines, past the convenience of mobile, and make it even easier for someone to find you by simply talking to their device. 

This bridges the gap and cuts out the steps it takes for someone to find you and do business with you. Since attention spans today are about 8 seconds, the fewer hurdles you create for your potential customers, the better. 

How You Can Turn on Voice Search

Before you can execute your voice search strategy, you must understand all the details that come with the territory. Consider these steps:

1. Conduct Thorough Keyword Research

Never underestimate how important keywords still are to your SEO strategy. 

In order for your voice search to be effective, you need to be constantly running analytics and keyword research. Find out what words and phrases people will commonly ask for and optimize your brand accordingly. 

2. Develop and Create Actions Whenever Possible

“Actions” refer to programming that enhances voice AI’s ability to communicate with customers. You increase the capability of the system, rather than being at the whim. 

This lets you take your marketing into your own hands by building your own technology. 

3. Build Your Site With Speed and Functionality in Mind

When turning voice search on, your site needs to be built to accommodate it. That means making the site fast and responsive. 

Work with nothing but the best web developers and test the site relentlessly. 

4. Optimize Your Written Content to Be More Conversational 

Since your aim is shifting toward voice search, your written content should now be optimized to fit the spoken word. 

Start writing content in ways that people talk, so that your voice search works effortlessly. Keep it conversational and start producing long-form content that gets hits. 

5. Develop Your Local Search Engine Optimization Presence

Without question, voice search is helpful with local search engine optimization. This is the case because people looking to shop locally can immediately find you with a voice search, and seconds later your business is loaded into their GPS. 

The more you optimize for local SEO, the easier it’ll be to send customers your way. 

6. Highlight Useful and Actionable Blocks of Content

It’s not just about turning voice search on, you must highlight the most useful and actionable blocks of your content. This way, your web content can easily answer questions that people ask. 

When your content can provide answers, you will really start opening the door for users to interact with you more. 

7. Hire the Help of Some Marketing Experts

To really incorporate this technology correctly, you will need the help of some experts. Take the time to shop around until you find marketing professionals that specialize in voice search. 

If you hire the help of a search engine optimization company, make sure you have a list of questions ready and get as many references as possible. Ask about their rates and rely on them to help you get your strategies off the ground. 

Use Voice Search in a Way That is Useful to You

When you turn on this feature, you will build your brand through effective marketing. The sky is the limit in how helpful this technology can be, so incorporate these ideas right now. 

We would be happy to help you with your marketing needs. 

Take the time to reach out to us today for a free ranking analysis, and to see how else we can help you. Our team is dedicated to helping people and businesses, just like you and yours, find success and get the benefits offered by voice search.