The Importance of Digital Marketing: 7 Reasons Every Business Needs It

importance of digital marketing
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Property management has changed dramatically in recent years. More people are renting properties than ever before. They’re also using more methods to find the perfect rental than ever before.

Your job is to position your property management company that captures the attention of investors and renters. There are over 2400 new renters and 544 new landlords in the U.S. every day.

How do you get in front of them and set your property management company apart from the pack? That’s where the importance of digital marketing comes in.

Read on find out why digital marketing is a must-have in your property management company.

1. Build a Recognizable Brand

How do you remember companies like Nike or Coca-Cola? Through repetition. You see them everywhere because those companies know the power of having a recognizable brand.

You don’t need to invest millions to build a recognizable brand. You can do it for far less with digital marketing.

When investors and renters see your brand often, they will remember it when they are looking for a property management company.

2. Attract Investors

When you have a recognizable brand, it becomes much easier to build trust. Trust has become a very important factor when people decide who they’re going to work with.

Investors need to trust your property management company to find good tenants for the property and deliver ROI.

Digital marketing can help you do that because you are building a positive brand reputation through repetition.

For example, you have blog posts on your website that show your expertise in property management. Your company also has a lot of positive reviews online, and it ranks high in search engines. You also have a thriving social media presence.

These things work together to create an overall impression in the minds of investors. They also build credibility and trust.

3. Rank Higher on Search Engines

Everything seems to start with an online search. Whether you’re trying to find a great recipe or you’re trying to find the perfect apartment, people start with Google.

That means you need to have your website front and center to have a chance to get new business.

Digital marketing helps you do that. Search engine optimization is one part of digital marketing that optimizes your entire web presence to help you rank higher in search engines.

A number of digital marketing strategies like blogging and social media also play a role in your search rankings.

4. Renters Search Online

Most people will start searching for apartments online. They’re also using mobile devices to search for services.

About 82% of mobile searches are called “near me” searches, meaning they’re looking for apartments and other services in their general location.

Digital marketing can help you improve your search rankings and position your property management company to be found in these searches.

5. Your Company Can Be Industry Experts

One of the most popular digital marketing tactics is to have a blog. A blog helps with SEO because it gives your website more chances to be found in search engines.

It also helps you position your company as experts in the field. Renters and property owners have questions that they seek to answer in online searches.

Renters may look up “how to find a good rental property,” and property owners are likely to be asking “should I manage property myself or hire an agent.”

Your blog posts can address each of these questions. If you answer enough of these common questions, people are likely to go to your site first to get the answers they’re looking for.

6. Better Reporting

When you advertise properties in newspapers and magazines, do you know exactly where tenants and investors find your company?

The importance of digital marketing lies in the reporting that’s available. Everything can be tracked, from the number of website visits to the number of people who liked a Facebook post.

It makes it much easier for you to see what’s working in your marketing efforts and what’s not. That means that you’re no longer throwing money away.

Instead, you’re able to make calculated decisions that allow you to stick with what works and adjust or cut what isn’t working.

7. Digital Marketing Connects with the Customer Journey

Your clients, whether investors or renters, take a journey before they decide to work with you. This is known in marketing as the buyer’s journey.

It’s like when you first meet someone and become friends with them. It’s rare that you’ll hit it off right away and become best friends. Over time and repetition, you get to know each other and build trust.

Once trust is established, you’re more likely to help each other or do business with each other.

Digital marketing follows the same pattern, but it can get your audience from unknown to client much faster.

When someone is looking for information about renting or property management, they’ll search online for information. They’re just doing research.

When you use digital marketing strategies like blogging and SEO, your company can be front and center in the research phase. Now, you have their attention.

As they become more interested in your services, they’ll likely return to your site to find out more information. They become more familiar with your brand and what you have to offer.

At the moment they’re ready to make a decision, your property management company will be top of mind.

The Importance of Digital Marketing

Property management is more competitive than ever before. There are unique challenges to create a thriving property management company because you have two distinct audiences to connect with: investors and renters.  

The importance of digital marketing is that it helps you overcome these unique challenges and create a strong brand that reaches both audiences seamlessly.

Digital marketing helps you build trust, stay top of mind, rank higher on search engines, and save money. What’s not to love about that?

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