5 Organic Marketing Strategies For Property Management Companies

organic marketing
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Does your property management marketing strategy need a little boost?

Instead of pouring endless funds into paid advertising, try working on your organic marketing methods.

Organic marketing refers to attracting customers naturally without paying to boost your leads. It’s similar to word-of-mouth advertising because it often relies on social media shares and interactions.

Instead of relying on a sales pitch, it takes a more authentic approach, providing education to prospects instead of targeting them with ads.

This type of marketing often takes more time, but it can be very effective.

Check out these five ideas for marketing your property management company organically.

1. Improve Your Website’s SEO

Your search engine optimization affects how well you rank on Google and other search engines. If you do it well, you can land one of the coveted top spots for keywords that potential renters search.

Including keywords organically into your website copy is one part of SEO. The keywords you want to target should show up in titles, metadata, and other areas.

Lots of other things factor into your SEO, too. 

To rank as high as possible, your website should include:

  • High-quality backlinks from reputable sites
  • No broken hyperlinks
  • Responsive design to give mobile users a positive experience
  • In-depth, useful information
  • Clean interface
  • Easy navigation with a clear structure
  • Security
  • Optimal site speed

Understanding all of the factors of property management SEO can be confusing. Using an SEO service can help naturally boost your ranking in search results.

2. Build an Engaging Social Media Presence

Social media offers a dynamic way to share your business. You’re constantly adding to your social media pages and interacting with prospective clients. That keeps you relevant and fresh.

Fill out your social media profiles completely, including your contact information. Add a professional-looking photo for your business profile.

Maintain a consistent presence on your selected social media platforms. If you only check in occasionally, you miss lots of opportunities to engage with followers.

Fresh content also keeps you active in feeds. That makes more people take notice and gives your followers more opportunities to share your content.

Instagram and Facebook are both platforms that work well for property management companies. Both have large user bases, which means you’ll likely find your target audience there.

Instagram boasts over 1 billion worldwide users. The visual focus of the platform is ideal for showing off your properties. You can also use the video options to provide walk-throughs of properties.

Facebook has over 2 billion users around the world. This platform gives you a lot of flexibility in what you post, including photos and videos.

3. Create Content

Content creation on your website helps draw people to you. 

The material you create gives you more chances to rank in search engine results. The search engines rank individual pages on your site, so you could rank for multiple keywords and multiple pages with lots of content.

Creating valuable content shows people who find your site that you know the property management industry well. It helps to build trust with you because you’re offering value for free and it’s high-quality content.

The type of content you should develop depends largely on who you want to target. Is your goal to attract more renters? Are you looking for more property owners to use your management services?

Clearly defining who you want to attract lets you create content for them. Use what you know about the audience to think about the types of questions they might research. 

Then, produce content based on that.

A blog on your website is an easy way to disperse the content. Add interesting graphics to the posts. Infographics to show statistics and data also work well and might encourage other people to link to your site, which can help your SEO.

Videos also perform well. You can embed the videos into your website or post them on social media. You can also create a YouTube channel for your company to share your video content.

4. Use Email Marketing

Growing your email subscriber list gives you a database of potential leads. You can send messages to them directly, so they land in their inboxes. 

You can send useful tips and content that educates your email list. This continues establishing you as an authority in the property management space.

Email marketing software lets you segment your list so you can send different messages to different groups of people. This makes your message more effective because you can provide information that helps them.

Whenever you use email marketing, ensure you follow the CAN-SPAM Act requirements. The rules are designed to protect consumers. If you don’t follow all of the requirements of the act, you could face major fines.

5. Partner With Related Businesses

You likely have an established audience, but it can feel like that audience grows slowly.

What if you could tap into another company’s established audience?

One way to do this is by partnering up with related businesses. The idea is to find a company that deals with something your audience might also benefit from without directly competing with you.

Instead of partnering with another property management company, you might partner with a lender that offers business loans for property owners. Other ideas include a handyman service, cleaning company, or real estate attorney.

You might look at the companies that you already use. For example, if you partner with a cleaning company to clean the properties you manage, you already have a relationship established.

Once you identify your partner companies, you can both promote one another. You might share each other’s social media posts or blog content.

You could partner up for a joint campaign. You might do an educational video series together that talks about the industry.

Working together allows both audiences to get exposure to a larger audience. You’re introducing the other company to your followers. The other company introduces you to their audience.

Incorporate Organic Marketing Into Your Strategy

Many organic marketing strategies work well with the property management industry. Build your online presence and provide top-notch service to get others to help promote your business online.

Are you ready to increase your traffic? Contact us to get a free ranking analysis and learn more about your options.